Authorization Card

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Attached is the official union authorization card. If you want a voice and a legally-binding contract, you need to complete and return this card. Your filled out card will enable ICWUC to petition the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for a representation election on your behalf. The NLRB requires a minimum of 30% of the employees fill out union cards (or petitions) before it will conduct your election. Since it takes a majority to win an election, the ICWUC requires a minimum of 60%.

Your employer never sees the cards or knows how many employees have filled out cards.

You will not pay any union dues until you gain representation, negotiate, and vote to approve your first legally-binding contract. In ICWUC, your dues will be approximately $10-$14 per week.

When we begin bargaining with management for your first contract, we will be negotiating for improvements in your jobs and working conditions. As a fear tactic, management claims that you could end up with less, but would you ever vote to accept less than you have today? If management really believed they could give you less when you have a union, then why are they trying to discourage you?

If you want to stand together with your co-workers for a voice in your workplace and would like the ICWUC help you negotiate a legally binding contract, click on the link below.

Link to Printable Authorization Card