Pfizer Inc, MI

ICWUC is the union for Pfizer Inc workers.

We know your work is valuable and you deserve respect along with the best wages and benefits available. When you have a union, you and your coworkers have a voice and the ability to negotiate wages, raises, time off, health and safety standards, and benefits. You deserve stable schedules so you can balance work and life, wages that you and your family can live on, and a safe workplace where your experience and seniority matter.

Ready to negotiate together for bigger paychecks, stronger benefits, and better lives?

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Better Wages

Union workers have secured guaranteed yearly raises in their contacts on top of already competitive wages. Having a job at Pfizer Inc should mean making enough to provide for you and your family no matter what.

Member Benefits (Insurance)


Seniority Matters

Your experience and expertise matter. That’s why ensuring that your seniority is recognized and respected is a top priority in negotiating our union contracts.


No Favoritism

There’s no room for favoritism in a union. We believe ALL Pfizer Inc workers deserve equal and fair treatment when it comes to pay, promotions, schedules, and more.


Higher Safety Standards

You should never have to work a job where you don’t have the proper training or PPE. With a union contract, you can make sure proper standards are put in place and Pfizer Inc is held accountable to those standards.


Job Security and Grievance Procedures

You should never have to worry about whether or not you’ll still have a job next week. With a union contract, there are protections and grievance procedures set in place so that your boss can’t fire or discipline you unfairly.

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Frequently asked questions
What is a Union?

A Union is a group of individuals who come together in order to better represent themselves in their working relationship with their employer.

What does the Union do?

The Union acts on your behalf to negotiate a contract with your employer. The contract establishes levels of pay, benefits and working conditions. The Union makes sure that you receive fair treatment on the job by making your employer follow the contract. If you are treated unfairly – if you are disciplined or fired without just cause – the Union is there to defend you and to make sure your rights are protected.

What is a Contract?

A contract is a legally binding agreement between your Union (who represents you) and your employer. The contract details your wages, your health and retirement plans, vacations, holidays and the working conditions to which you are entitled.

Why should I join the Union?

A united membership is what gives the Union its strength. We need to be strong in order to negotiate increases for the workers! John F Kennedy once said, “The labor movement is people. Unions have brought millions of men and women together and given them common tools for common goals.”

Why are Union Members better off?

The Union, through the collective strength of the membership, can achieve through negotiations what an individual cannot. People who work without the protection of a Union are at the mercy of their employer and have no ability to protect themselves!

Will we have to Strike?

Only ICWUC members can decide whether or not to strike, by 2/3’s vote of the workers who would be directly involved, after voting by secret ballot.

Will I get in trouble if I talk to you or my coworkers about a union?

It’s your legal right to talk about working conditions with anyone you want! You can sign up for a call here to learn the smartest ways to have those conversations.

How much do union dues cost?

You won’t pay a cent in union dues until you have a union contract — and you’ll get to vote on that. If your contract isn’t worth the membership cost, simply vote no and send your negotiating committee back to wager for more. Union dues are typically no more than one hours’ pay per week.

How do I get started
The 8 Steps to Form Your Union!
Contact us to request information and learn more about why your coworkers are unionizing.