The 8 Steps to Form Your Union!

  1. Showing of Interest – The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), an agency of the federal government, requires a minimum of 30% of the employees sign union cards (or petitions) before it will conduct your election.  Since it takes a majority to win an election, the ICWUC requires a minimum of 60%.
  2. Petition Filed – The ICWUC presents the signed cards to the NLRB with a request that they conduct an election.   Your company never sees the cards, or knows how many employees have signed cards.
  3. Voting Date Set – The Union, a Company Representative, and the NLRB meet to set an election date, time and place that is mutually agreeable.
  4. NLRB Election (Secret Ballot) – You decide by secret ballot if you want the ICWUC to begin negotiations with your Company.  A “YES” vote simply gives you the opportunity to negotiate a contract. It does not make you a union member. VOTE YES
  5. Preparing for Negotiations – Winning the election gives you and your co-workers the opportunity to elect a committee of workers to assist the Union in negotiating your contract.  By law, your company must negotiate with you “in good faith”.
  6. Negotiations – Your negotiating committee, ICWUC representative, and the company begin a series of bargaining sessions to work out differences and develop a contract that guarantees your wages & benefits in writing.
  7. Ratification – You will meet to discuss and vote (by secret ballot) on the Company’s offer. If rejected, we go back into negotiations. If accepted, wage rates and all new benefits begin as of the contract date.
  8. Joining the Union – Finally, after a contract is signed and you are already receiving better wages and benefits, you then become a member of the International Chemical Workers Union and start paying dues.