Union Sportsmen’s Alliance

No-Cost Membership to Union Sportman’s Alliance

If you hunt, fish, shoot or simply enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance is where you belong. There’s never been a better time to join!

As a member in good standing, the ICWUC is proud to offer to you a no-cost membership to the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance

– President I.C.W.U.C.

With membership in the Union Sportman’s Alliance, active and retired members of the ICWUC are invited take advantage of access to the quarterly magazine, special discounts, exclusive prizes and more. Union Sportman’s Alliance Members are also eligible to apply for a chance to hunt or fish on its national, award-winning television program, Brotherhood Outdoors.

The Union Sportman’s Alliance is endorsed by the AFL-CIO and is North America’s only 100% union dedicated outdoor conservation organization. No longer do you need to reach out to any other organization for your hunting, fishing or sport shooting needs to be connected to the outdoors. You have it all in the Union Sportman’s Alliance.

Activate your no-cost membership today by visiting www.unionsportsmen.org, or call toll-free (877) 872-2211.

For more information, visit www.unionsportsmen.org or www.facebook.com/unionsportsmen.