Local 252C adds 2nd group in 5 months!

(L to R): Steven Hedrick, David Kilburn, James Niles, Jonathan Mount, Tony Crowder, Local 252C 1st Vice President/Chief Steward/BA James Woody, ICWUC Organizer Lance Heasley, Local 252C President Greg Malone

On April 9, 2018, the NLRB conducted an election at Consolidated Nuclear Securities Y12 Plant in Oak Ridge, TN. The union won the election with 88% of the Industrial Hygiene Technicians voting to join Local 252C of the ICWUC. This is the second group of workers Local 252C has added in the last 5 months. Local 252C 1st Vice President/Chief Steward/BA James Woody said, “When we were at the convention last year President Cyphers made the statement ‘the ICWUC was not going, we are growing’ that’s just what local 252C is doing.”

This was Organizer Lance Heasley’s 15th NLRB election win.

Local 252c has won their last two organizing elections and has added new members to their membership roles from these two new units. A great job by a great local union!

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