Veolia workers vote to join ICWUC 90-7

On Feb. 19, 100 workers at Veolia Environmental Services in Sauget, Ill., voted to join the ICWUC.

Terry Ball a 31-year veteran of Veolia wrote

“On behalf of the employees of Veolia Sauget. I would like to thank Lance, Rob, and Ricky (Lance Heasley, Robert Craft & Ricky Lawrence) from ICWUC. From the first time we met with them. We felt as though we were part of the brotherhood in the Union. They displayed professionalism. Treated us with respect. Listening to our concerns. Answering the tough questions with honesty. Those are just a few examples of what earned our trust in the Union.

We tried to organize back in 1998. Things didn’t go so well. We lost by 10 votes. In my opinion it was because we lacked the professionalism that was displayed by the Union leadership at that time. Lots of alcohol was provided prior to meetings. Not a good idea. That did not happen this time around. It was all business. Which is what I will attribute to a slam dunk victory. 90-7 YES VOTES. UNION YES!!!

Thanks again, Lance, Rob, Ricky”

The workers are seeking better wages, benefits and a safer workplace.

Lead Organizer Lance Heasley said,

“It is always a joy to see workers come together. Seeing them realize that they are STRONGER TOGETHER and that they have more in common, than they have different, is a credit to the organizing committee.  Getting 93% of the workforce to stand together and show their SOLIDARITY is amazing! That just proves that the LABOR MOVEMENT is still alive despite Corporate America’s war on labor.”

Veolia Environmental Services is a division of Veolia Environment, a French transnational company that has operations in 35 countries and specializes in the management, treatment and disposal of waste.

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