AOC Resins Employees in Valparaiso, IN WIN!

Vice President Jerry Hurrocy, Local 493C Secretary Treasurer Brian LaRocco and workers from AOC Resins.

Workers at AOC Resins in Valparaiso, IN voted on November 30, 2017 to join the ICWUC. The ICWUC received 66% of the vote. The workers wanted a voice in their workplace. Kyle Gatlin an operator at AOC Resins said “Working class people have no one to trust but themselves. We know what we need and we know as individuals our voices are ignored. It’s only when we accept the idea ‘what’s good for one is good for all’ will we be able to change the conditions of our labor. For the past few months, we have driven towards a common goal of unionizing all hourly employees and accomplishing that goal felt amazing. The ICWUC has been with us for every need along the way, and this wouln’t have been possible without Lance Heasley’s guidance.” The ICWUC is proud to welcome all of these workers to our Union and look forward to helping them negotiate their first contract.

Employees from AOC Resins and Organizer Lance Heasley

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